only what we remember

Composed: 2019

Duration: 10"

Instrumentation: flute, clarinets, piano, and electronics

Written for Apply Triangle

Premiere: 22 Oct 2019 at Ades Hall, MSM. NY.

Never was the way

Composed: 2019

Duration: 15"

Instrumentation: G flute, B. Cl, female voice, Perc., Vn., and Vc.

Premiere: 23 Marc 2018 at The ARCH, Philadelphia.

TAK ensemble and Penn Sound Collective

In her dream song

Composed: 2018

Duration: 10"

Instrumentation: Vn, Vc and Pno.

Written for: Longleash

Premiere: 6 August 2018 at WUOl Classical Louisville, KY. by Longleash

Track one: Intro

Composed: 2018

Duration: 12"'

Instrumentation: Piano for hands and speaker

Written for: ZOFO duo, Gabriela Lena Frank Academy of Music's fellowship

Premiere: 12 Nov 2018 by ZOFO


Composed: 2016-17

Duration: 15"'

Instrumentation: String quartet

Premiere: 16 October 2017 at Riverside Church Hall.

Floating Mirrors

Composed: 2015

Duration: 6'

Instrumentation: Cello and Piano

Premiere: 13 November 2015 by Camillo Chaparro [cello] and Sebastian Avendaño [piano].

Young Performers Series 2015. 

Lines of Acid Dreams

Composed: 2015

Duration: 7'

Instrumentation: Fl - Cl - Vc

Commissioned by the MAB [Musica de Agora na Bahia] and Camara Ensemble.

Premiere: 17 December 2015 by Camara Ensemble, Bahia-Brazil. 

Dynamics of a Meteorite 

Composed: 2014

Duration: 12'

Instrumentation: String quartet

Premiere: 12 November 2014 by Effeerus String Quartet.

Recorded by Effeturs String Quartet.

Sidereal Inflections 

Composed: 2014

Duration: 10'

Instrumentation: Trumpet and Vibraphone

Commissioned by the PERCUTROM DUO

Premiere: 26 November 2013 by PERCUTROM DUO.


Iron Curtains

Composed: 2012

Duration: 12'

Instrumentation: Fl - Perc - Pf - Vln - Vla - Vc

Premiere: 5 December 2013 by New Music Ensemble of National University of Colombia, Mateo Sepulveda conducting.