in times of passive voice

Composed: 2019

Duration: 10'

Instrumentation: Amplified cello

Premiere: 19 Sep 2019 by James Burch

Watching her fade away

Composed: 2018

Duration: 9'

Instrumentation: Amplified guitar

Premiere: 2 Nov 2018, Neil Beckmann at Spectrum, Brooklyn, NYC.



I [am] not

Composed: 2019

Duration: 11'

Instrumentation: Bass clarinet (+coffe cup) and electronics

Premiere: Spectrum, Brooklyn, NYC by Tyler Neidermayer.

A Song For...

Composed: 2018

Duration: 13'

Instrumentation: Amplified violin and electronics

Premiere: THROUGH THE NOISE Contemporary Concert Series II
at Opera America, NYC by Julia Suh.


Composed: 2018

Duration: 12'

Instrumentation: flutist (piccolo/bass flute) and electronics

Premiere: 20 April 2018 at Miller Hall by Paul Mizzi.

But space is not mere emptiness

Composed: 2017

Duration: 12'

Instrumentation: Marimba and electronics

Premiere: 28 March 2017 At Bossi-Cornel Hall,

Manhattan School of Music, New York. 

Vocalise II 

Composed: 2014

Duration: 10'

Instrumentation: Alto saxophone

Premiere: 12 November 2014 by Juan Manrique.

Vocalise I

Composed: 2013

Duration: 8'

Instrumentation: Clarinet

Premiere: 17 December 2013 by Juan Sebastian Cortes.

A Wetland in Full Moon

Composed: 2013

Duration: 9'

Instrumentation: Piano 

Premiere: 25 July 2013 by Natalia Jimenez